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Radio review
Elisabeth Mahoney, The Guardian

An infatuation killed by reality.
Frieda Hughes. The Times

The claims of art and life.
Cathleen McDermott. The Dark Horse

Life for us by Choman Hardi.
Will Buckingham. Birmingham Words

شیعر و جه‌سته: خوێندنه‌وه‌ی (ڕووناکیی سێبه‌ره‌کان)ی چۆمان هه‌ردی, کاروان عومه‌ر کاکه‌سوور



Life for Us
Published by Bloodaxe Books
United Kingdom, 2004

“I have rarely read a book which so indisputably establishes the capacity of poetry to express the historical and political.” Bernard O’Donoghue, Poetry London

Selected Poems
Published by Rendge
Kurdistan, 2003
Light of the shadows
Published by Raboon
Sweden, 1998

(چۆمان له‌ هه‌وڵی ئه‌وه‌دایه‌ ماهیه‌تی ئه‌و شتانه‌ بگۆڕێت و سه‌ر له‌ نوێ دروستیان بکاته‌وه‌، که‌ له‌ واقیعه‌وه‌ ده‌یانگوێزێته‌وه‌ ناو دنیای شیعری خۆیه‌وه... شته‌کان خۆیانن نه‌ک ماناکانیان، چونکه‌ ئه‌م خۆی له‌ناو زمانی مه‌جازدا هه‌ڵیانده‌وه‌شێنێته‌وه ‌و مانای تریان پێ ده‌به‌خشێ. ده‌توانین ناو له‌م پرۆسه‌یه‌ بنێین (به‌ هونه‌رکردنی واقیع) یان رووتکردنه‌وه‌ی واقیع له‌ مانا ئاشکراکانی.) كاروان عومه‌ر کاکه‌سوور
Return with no memory
Published in Denmark, 1996
As editor  

The fleeing garden
Published by Exiled Writers' Ink!
United Kingdom, 2006

Kajal Ahmad, Poems
Translated by Choman Hardi and Mimi Khalvati
Enitharmon Press, 2008
Kurdistan in the shadow of history, 2nd ed.
Chicago University Press
United States, 2008
  In the mix
Cambridge University Press, 2008
  Women's Work: Modern Women Poets Writing in English
Seren, 2008
  New Poems on the Underground 2006
Cassell Reference, 2006
  Modern Kurdish Poetry: An anthology and introduction
Uppsala University, 2006
  Dance the Guns to Silence: 100 poems for Ken Saro-Wiwa
Flipped Eye Publishing, 2005
  The Silver Throat of the Moon
Five Leaves Publications, 2005
  Being Alive
Bloodaxe, 2004
  Velocity: the Best of Apples & Snakes
Black Spring Press Ltd, 2003
  Crossing The Border
Five Leaves Publications, 2002
  Killing in the name of ‘honour’: Patriarchal community, power and politics in Kurdistan
  Perpetrators and victims in Backtiar Ali’s fifth novel
2007. Kurdish Aspect, No 1. USA
  Poetry in translation
Emagazine, English and Media Centre, 07 Feb 2007
  Literary Value
2006. Goldsworthy, V. (ed.) Writing Worlds 1, The Norwich Exchanges. Pen and Inc Press. Norwich
  Out of ourselves
2005. British Council, Brussels
  Kurdish women refugees: obstacles and opportunities
2005. Engleby, D (Ed). Forced Migration and Mental Health, rethinking the care of refugees and displaced persons. International and Cultural Psychology Series. Springer.